Within the concluding event of the Project Logboat 2016 at the end of August 2016 we launched a Roman logboat on the Ljubljanica River and set sail towards Špica in Ljubljana.
The concluding event of the project was on Saturday, 27. 8., within the Summer at Vrhnika event.
Before the launching of the logboat on the river the visitors were able to see the vessel and the tools necessary for its construction. They also had the opportunity to visit a Roman market, kitchen and military camp, where they could try on legionary’s equipment. The children made their own military equipment and trained as legionnaires or played Roman board games.
Before its first sailing we called on the Roman gods to protect the logboat. With the help of the visitors we then moved the logboat closer to the Ljubljanica River and launched it using a wooden ramp and ropes. So we began the more than 20 kilometres long voyage towards Ljubljana.
Quite a few visitors attended the afternoon sailing on their own boats. The sailing along the Ljubljanica River was smooth but at the same time strenuous because of the weight of the logboat. On the other hand the participants were surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Ljubljana Marsh and they received information on the archaeological cultural heritage of the Ljubljanica River.
After seven hours of rowing we arrived safely at Špica in Ljubljana where the visitors eagerly anticipated the arrival of the logboat. It was welcomed by the striking performance of the music group Sherzer Brigade. The event was part of the Nights in Old Ljubljana festival. While waiting the visitors were able to see a Roman military camp and the children could participate in the workshop »Become a legionnaire« and play Roman games.
The Museum and galleries of Ljubljana in Špica in Ljubljana set up an exhibition about the logboat, a remarkable archaeological find that was raised from the Ljubljanica River in 2015 and which will be exhibited in the experience and exhibition site »The Ljubljanica River« in Vrhnika (www.mojaljubljanica.si/).
Find out more about the archaeological find, the logboat: http://www.rtvslo.si/news-in-english/ljubljanica-s-dugout-canoe-around-200-years-older-than-first-estimates/405630
Watch a report on the promotional sailing along the Ljubljanica River made by the Slovenian national television network, 27. 8. 2016 (in Slovenian language) http://4d.rtvslo.si/arhiv/prispevki-in-izjave-dnevnik/174423217
 We would like to thank everyone who accompanied the logboat in the beginning or during its journey as well as everyone who welcomed it at Špica in Ljubljana! 🙂
Photographers:  Skupina STIK, Institute for Underwater Archaeology, Martin Jančar  
Po Ljubljanici z rimskodobnim deblakom